Foundation Society -
Shaheed Hemu Kalani Educational Society, Bhopal

Main Functionaries

Chairman : Chairman of the Foundation Society is the ultimate authority to take decisions and to guide the institution. He also sanctions budget to the institutions for day to day working. His orders are final and mandatory for all other functionaries.

Managing Director : Chairman, Shaheed Hemu Kalani Educational Society, Bhopal deputes a volunteer of the Society to monitor and support the college. He is designated as the Managing Director and acts as a link between the College and the Society.

Group Director : Group Director is appointed by the Society and is a full time salaried functionary. He/she is generally an educationist with extensive experience and competence. Preparing the Vision and Mission of the Society, drawing the academic plans, preparing the quality policy and propelling the institution towards its objectives are the main functions carried out by the Group Director.

He/She is responsible for laisoning with various statutory bodies like University, State Government, UGC, NAAC, NCTE, AFRC and many others. The job profile related to these agencies come under the purview of Group Director.

Principal : Principal is appointed as per the provisions of College Code 28 by a Selection Committee duly constituted with external experts. Principal is the Head of the institution and Chief Executive Officer of the institution. The working of the institution including administrative and academic activities are monitored by her. She keeps a vigil on the functioning of various departments/units. She guides them from time to time. She reports to the higher authorities for instructions and guidance.

Registrar : Registrar as nominated by the Management from amongst its teaching faculty. He is Head of the Office specially the establishment section and is responsible for overall coordination of various units of the college.

Administrative Officer : Administrative Officer is appointed by the Society. He is responsible for linkages and network with various external agencies like University, State Government, NCTE and others.