Welcome to all the students seeking admission at Sant Hirdaram Girls College, Bhopal in various courses. The College offers best of teaching learning ambience and excellent infrastructural facilities. We are committed to provide an environment that promotes the over all development of the students. We also inculcate the moral human values in our students. We expect the students to work hard, to develop ethical habits and to concentrate on their studies.
Marching towards excellence through quality education
Sant Hirdaram Girls College, Bhopal notionally established in 2005 and actually functional since the year 2006, has completed 8 years of its existence. Development and growth of the institution in past 8 years has been phenomenal.New courses & subjects are regularly introduced, the student strength has increased almost five times the initial strength, good competent teachers are appointed, Laboratories are strengthened , Libraryisenriched appropriately and more clarity in vision is acquired. Transparent, capable and motivating management propels the institution towards achieving excellence through quality education. Our status is elevated now from a mere degree level to post graduate level within a span of 8 years. We feel elated to be recognized as the University Examination Centre in third year only. It reiterates the ethical value being nurtured by the institution as the one committed to maintain sanctity of education system in general and examination system in particular.With three undergraduate batches out, we feel contented with the brilliant performance of our students in University examinations which is a dependable and accurate parameter to assess quality of any educational institution. Our students have come out with flying colors and have made the institution feel honored. Journey of 8 years needs to be reviewed with retrospection to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Institution and also to take care of opportunities and threats for future. We tried to make a SWOT analysis of Institution with rational and logistic approach in order to design future policy map for the Institution. Learning from our past experience and consolidating our strengths is the basis for our planning process. Repeated reviews and regular stock taking of various programs has helped us to groom our policy document efficiently. We are also aware of the future threats arising out of cut throat competition and market dynamism in the field of education, specially Higher Education. The demand and popularity of various courses/programs keeps on changing and the Institution has to adjust and mold itself accordingly. The openness of our vision and vigilant planning by academic experts is able to give proper direction to our annual and long term plans. We feel this is the most opportune time to assess our progress of past 8 years across a set of parameters, ranging from infrastructure to academics and ultimately to quality issues.